I’m Shaikh Uzma Jamal!

Your Personality Transformation and Emotional Fitness Coach The sole purpose of my life is to help people breakthrough the limiting beliefs that they have and help them undergo a metamorphosis from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. A butterfly with beautiful wings spread to fly freely wherever it wants.

As a certified Inner Most Shift Coach, I bring an internal shift in people which helps them transform their personality from a negative bent of mind to a new and more positive one.

We often look on the outside for the solutions of our problems. We tend to fix the external factors to resolve our issues however unless we fix the things inside, we won’t be able to have a permanent or everlasting solution to our challenges. And there comes the beauty of inner most shift coaching.

As an Inner Most Shift Coach, I can help you fix yourself internally. I can help you see deep within you and confront what is hidden in several layers within you and courageously face it and work on it.

And this internal transformation will in turn empower you to not only make you emotionally resilient but also an outstanding individual in your professional and personal life.

My fortes are personality transformation, resilience, relationship, success and motivation.

Also with years of experience as a communication and personality development trainer and touching the lives of thousands of students from all walks of lives. I have immense experience in helping people gain confidence and acquire that charismatic personality which they have always dreamt of.

I have trained students ranging from age group of 13 to 60 for communication, confidence building, public speaking, grooming, interviews, group discussions, external and internal personality development, voice modulation etc.

So invite me to coach you and together we can make you have a life and personality that you always aspired to possess.