Two different Programmes
3 Sessions & 6 Sessions

  • SESSION 1:
    Foundation session to help you become more open, focused and relaxed towards learning.
  • SESSION 2:
    Helps you reach a state where you awaken the true teacher within and get a mindset that you learn either ways.
  • SESSION 3:
    Model your role model in physiology and get into the state of "The Bestest of the best Learner".
  • SESSION 4:
    Letting go of procrastination or anything which is stopping you to become the best learner.
  • SESSION 5:
    Explore your strategy to learn things and help you apply it in the current situation.
  • SESSION 6:
    Goal setting and accomplishing it step by step with the help of your coach
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Note! Above both Packages also includes two 30 mins follow up calls between the sessions and three follow up calls after the sessions to discuss the progress of the client.