The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic came as one of the toughest times across the globe. Things started getting back to normal and then hit the second wave and India saw one of its toughest times then. With people falling sick and dying, it made us realise that our health is of prime importance and should not be neglected.
However an aspect which was affected immensely along with physical health went unnoticed was mental health and emotional fitness.
From young kids to elderly all faced this trauma. Losing the loved ones, losing jobs, being locked up in houses everything affected the mental health drastically.
In these tough times Educate To Elevate came forward with a Free Happiness Helpline named 'Main Hoon Na'.

More than 20 best certified coaches and counselors across the globe joined hands to serve people free of cost to coach and counsel them in the time of distress. The vision behind Main Hoon Na was to make people feel we are there for them. The coaches got connected with numerous callers and gave them a soothing touch, a patient listening and a positive mindset to work on their overall mental well-being.

Our mission was to serve people going through tough times and emotional turmoils and make them feel we are just a call away or in other words- Main Hoon Na!!